"The players and parents like that it's a text message. They don't have to be by a computer to get it. Most of them have their cell phones with them, so it's a lot quicker and easier for them to receive the information."

Sports Director

Greenwood Family YMCA


Why RainedOut?

Have you EVER not opened a text message? 99% of text messages are read. How does that compare with your current marketing campaigns?

- Build your mobile audience - Introduce your products and promotions to the highly lucrative mobile generation.  We provide the fans - you grow your lists and opt-in database.  Simply include a hyperlink (click-to-web) or phone number (click-to-call) to capture leads.

- Generate awareness -  Find a new and loyal mobile audience to pitch to.

- Strengthen Branding -  Keep your products top of mind when consumers make decisions.

- Situaltional Based Advertising!  Reach consumers on the go when they've just learned their plans have changed.

- Your're reaching a highly captive audience - achieving nearly a 100% impression rate with your ad.

- No competition - unlike other advertising, your RainedOut ads appear all alone - just you and a highly anticipated message.

- Personalize your ad - include a URL, Phone #, Slogan, Brand, etc. (25 character limit)

- Support your local organizations! A portion of your advertising dollars will go directly to the organization(s) you sponsor.