"We love the RainedOut website and service. It saves our office literally hundreds, if not thousands of phone calls on questionable race nights! The fans have also expressed their appreciation of the service en masse. It has been a very successful program for us!"

Public Relations Director

Lernerville Speedway


Why RainedOut?

Have you EVER not opened a text message? 99% of text messages are read. How does that compare with your current marketing campaigns?

- Build your mobile audience - Introduce your products and promotions to the highly lucrative mobile generation.  We provide the fans - you grow your lists and opt-in database.  Simply include a hyperlink (click-to-web) or phone number (click-to-call) to capture leads.

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- Situaltional Based Advertising!  Reach consumers on the go when they've just learned their plans have changed.

- Your're reaching a highly captive audience - achieving nearly a 100% impression rate with your ad.

- No competition - unlike other advertising, your RainedOut ads appear all alone - just you and a highly anticipated message.

- Personalize your ad - include a URL, Phone #, Slogan, Brand, etc. (25 character limit)

- Support your local organizations! A portion of your advertising dollars will go directly to the organization(s) you sponsor.