"We love the RainedOut website and service. It saves our office literally hundreds, if not thousands of phone calls on questionable race nights! The fans have also expressed their appreciation of the service en masse. It has been a very successful program for us!"

Public Relations Director

Lernerville Speedway


SMS Advertising Stats

US Mobile Advertising Spending by Format 2008-2010

(millions and % change)


Most Popular Advertising and Marketing Tactics in 2009

According to US Advertising Agency Executives (% of Respondents)



RainedOut SMS Sponsor Ads Make an Impression 

  • SMS ads more than twice (20.2%) as commonly recalled as mobile web ads (8.1%)
  • Reach highly captive audience – achieve nearly 100% impression rate
  • Unlike email, SMS is typically (95%) read within an average of 4 minutes
  • Unlike other advertising (email/web/print), RainedOut ads appear all alone - just your ad and a highly anticipated message
  • 232 million SMS users in the U.S. (2009 Q4)
  • SMS is used by at least two thirds of all mobile consumers in the 18-50 age segment
  • SMS is 100% available on mobile phones in U.S. (WAP and Client are 85% available)
  • SMS supports website hyperlinks, allowing advertisers to create landing pages to track conversions
  • SMS leads in availability, ease-of-use, cost savings, and adoption rate