"When we were trying to find a replacement to our previous system, everybody that used RainedOut.com said this is the best system they had seen. And now that we are using it, we recommend it to other people."

Sports Director

Greenwood Family YMCA



RainedOut is a Highly-Targeted Demographic

• Sports-oriented individuals

• 76% are parents of youth athletes

• 60% female / 40% male


• RainedOut messages are highly anticipated and relevant because they are generated from the community, league or organization

• 44 million children between ages of 5-17 play youth sports

• In the U.S., people use mobile phones to: send text messages (67%); take pictures or video (57%); and use the Internet (43%) according to Pew Research (2011).

A Diverse Sports Reach Uses RainedOut

• Youth, Collegiate, and Adult League Sports throughout the U.S.

• YMCAs, Boy Scouts, and Regional/County/City Parks & Recreation

• Soccer, Football, Baseball, Softball, Lacrosse, Swimming, Hockey, Cheer, etc.

• Auto Speedways, Dragways, Dirt Tracks, and many more