"RainedOut text messaging updates really took the Under Armour All-America Lacrosse Classic to the next level and offered a service that I think will have everyone wanting it at every event they attend."

VP of Marketing

Corrigan Sports Enterprises


Promotion Resources

Administrators... get your RainedOut program going today!  You can always contact us if you need assistance.

You may print these flyers as handouts or email them to others to get the ball rollling.

Sign-Up Instructions for Players, Fans & Others (PDF)

Sign-Up Instructions with Spot for Logo (Word)

Brochure for Organization Administrators

Brochure to Signup Local Sponsors

FastStart Checklist for Admins

You can get started immediately - simply follow one of the three options below.

OPTION 1 (Good):  Use RainedOut
You can refer all members to visit your RainedOut Page for announcements - you do not even need a website. Administrators and Members visit your unique RainedOut Page or search for your organization on RainedOut's homepage to view postings and send alerts.

OPTION 2 (Better):  Link to your unique RainedOut Page from your website.
You can copy the link on your RainedOut Page and paste it on your own website (see example below). Or better, you can add a RainedOut logo or promo graphic to your site and hyperlink the image to your unique RainedOut Page (see graphics farther below).

OPTION 3 (Best):  Use Mobile Opt-In
Ask members to send a text message to 84483 with your keyword(s) to sign up for your alerts. This can be done right from the playing field or announced over the public address at your venue!  In your "Settings" tab within your Admin account, you will see the tools to quickly generate your unique keyword(s).  Then in the "Invite Users" tab, you will see how to quickly generate opt-in instructions.


These graphics provide your organization a way to promote your RainedOut Page off of our website, and help direct your members to your RainedOut alerts. These graphics can be applied in email, on your website, and in print for flyers and handouts. You can right-click and choose "Save Image As" to save any of the graphics below to add them to your own website. Then link the graphic directly to your organization's RainedOut Page.

P R O M O T I O N A L    A D S




Add one of these badges next to your "Follow Us on Facebook" badge and link it directly to your organization's RainedOut Page.


A P P L I C A T I O N    I C O N S

Add one of these RainedOut app icons right next to your other social media link icons like Facebook and link it to your organization's RainedOut Page.

100x100 pixel
app icon


app icon


app icon


app icon




218x82 pixels JPG file

400x200 pixels PNG file - with tagline

400x200 pixels PNG file on sky background - with tagline

400x200 pixels PNG file - no tagline

400x200 pixels PNG file on sky background - no tagline