"When we were trying to find a replacement to our previous system, everybody that used RainedOut.com said this is the best system they had seen. And now that we are using it, we recommend it to other people."

Sports Director

Greenwood Family YMCA


Earn Giftback $

Not only is RainedOut a free service, you can also earn fundraising dollars when you find sponsors for your own organization!  That's why we call it FREE+!

Each time you send an alert to your recipients, a sponsor will appear in the last 25 characters of the message.  If you attract local or national businesses to sponsor your organization, then you will receive a giftback of 10% of the sponsor revenue.  If you do not attract your own sponsors, then national or regional sponsors will sponsor your message and you will not earn a giftback.

Sponsors will NEVER send messages directly to you or your recipients.  You will never receive ads or spam from RainedOut.  Only your administrators and group administrators have rights/access to send messages to your recipients.

If you have any questions about RainedOut, FREE+, or the Giftback Program, please feel free to contact us.

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