“This has changed our lives. We can notify all of our parents instantly.”

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Earn Giftback $

Not only is RainedOut a free service, you can also earn fundraising dollars when you find sponsors for your own organization!  That's why we call it FREE+!

Each time you send an alert to your recipients, a sponsor will appear in the last 25 characters of the message.  If you attract local or national businesses to sponsor your organization, then you will receive a giftback of 10% of the sponsor revenue.  If you do not attract your own sponsors, then national or regional sponsors will sponsor your message and you will not earn a giftback.

Sponsors will NEVER send messages directly to you or your recipients.  You will never receive ads or spam from RainedOut.  Only your administrators and group administrators have rights/access to send messages to your recipients.

If you have any questions about RainedOut, FREE+, or the Giftback Program, please feel free to contact us.

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