"When we were trying to find a replacement to our previous system, everybody that used RainedOut.com said this is the best system they had seen. And now that we are using it, we recommend it to other people."

Sports Director

Greenwood Family YMCA



RainedOut is successful because of the many associations and partnerships we have formed. If you are interested in partnering with RainedOut, contact us today.


L E A G U E  M A N A G E M E N T


AboomA Technologies designs, develops and hosts internet applications for athletic clubs, organizations and associations. By leveraging the power of the internet, social networking and strategic partnerships, AboomA has developed a comprehensive offering to address the distinctive challenges faced by today’s adult and youth community athletic leagues, including social networking, league management, training and community portal access. www.abooma.com



Blue Sombrero is the country’s leading provider for online registration and custom web design for youth sports, with customers in more than 40 states nationwide. Founded in 2002, Blue Sombrero is committed to creating quality products and providing the highest level of service to its customers through four signature products – SombreroREGTM, SombreroWEBTM, SombreroPAYTM and Club Store. The company’s full suite of products help ease sport management through online team registration, custom web design, paperless payment software and online gear and apparel sales direct from Eurosport. For more information about Blue Sombrero, visit www.bluesombrero.com.



Demosphere is an Information Technology company based in Northern Virginia that has catered to the technology needs of sports organizations for 20 years. From league and state administrative tools to website development and hosting services for U.S. Soccer, United Soccer Leagues (USL), Bermuda FA, several state associations and hundreds of community organizations, Demosphere has invested heavily in the sport so that it can reach its highest levels with the logistical support of advanced technology. For more information on Demosphere, visit the company’s website at www.demosphere.com



myKidzPort has created a safe, controlled social network for coaches, parents, families and children who are active in youth sports and school activities to stay connected. www.mykidzport.com (“MKP”) provides a place for social interaction, shared experiences, building friendships and fostering positive communication among its participants.  MKP addresses the primary concern among parents, control and safety on the internet.  The site allows parents, coaches and leagues to coordinate games, practice, and snacks schedules.  As well as sharing photos and videos, receive  weather and game updates, monitor site activity, and controlled access to participants. 



Infinity Pro Sports is an international web media firm with extensive experience in the creation of thousands of websites for the sports world. Infinity provides every client with a professional web presence, including a "look and feel" that is consistent with the client's brand-name and image. From online commerce to live auctions, email marketing to video and audio streaming, social media campaign utilizing Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn, stats integration to game recaps, and blogging to interactive games to message boards, Infinity literally offers our clients infinite possibilities. www.infinityprosports.com



SIDEARM Sports is the leading web-based content management solution for collegiate athletics. SIDEARM sites include all the functionality that a collegiate athletic web site needs: press release and roster management, social media integration, dynamic scoreboards, sponsorship recognition, interactive polls, SIDEARM STATS (live in-game statistics), streaming audio and video, newsletters, recruiting components, and so much more. SIDEARM Sports has nearly 500 athletic clients from around the country including Cornell University, Drexel University, Syracuse University and many other NCAA DI, DII, DIII, NAIA, NJCAA and collegiate conferences. Learn more at www.sidearmsports.com.


TST Media is best known as the team behind the Sport Ngin (pronounced "Sport Engine") website platform. Sport Ngin is a proprietary data platform that powers the web presence of teams, leagues, events, and sports organizations and businesses around the world. Engineered by the developers at TST Media, Sport Ngin features a complete suite of powerful tools that help organizations and their audiences connect and interact online. Learn more at www.sportngin.com/.


SportsPilot, Inc. is an information services provider specializing in amateur sports information systems and currently serves over 400 sports organizations nationally, processing over 500,000 player and team registration transactions annually. SportsPilot also provides online registration services, league management software, and tournament scheduling to the amateur sports community. More information about SportsPilot and their services can be found online at www.sportspilot.com.



UniversityTickets is a leading provider of ticketing services for colleges and universities. Founded in 1999 after a successful pilot at Cornell University, UniversityTickets offers simple, cost-effective ways for college and university organizations to sell tickets and collect payments online, along with access control, season ticket, student authentication and mobile ticketing technology. Our products were born in a college environment and have been built from the ground up around the unique needs of college event ticketing. Headquartered in New York City, UniversityTickets is a privately-owned corporation. Learn more at www.universitytickets.com/.




American Youth Football - www.americanyouthfootball.com

AYF is an independent 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides support services, scholarships, grants, giving back programs and tournaments to over 600,000 youth members in 50 states and several countries worldwide. AYF is the nations largest football program and is committed to Giving Back; since its inception in 1996, AYF has donated over $15 million dollars in grants and athletic product to communities that support youth football. AYF was the first national organization to offer all-inclusive football divisions, enabling every child a place to play.



Marine Corps Marathon - www.marinemarathon.com

Voted the best marathon for families, the Marine Corps Marathon honors the dedication, sportsmanship and patriotism of its participants.  Runners from all walks of life participate in the largest marathon not to offer prize money, earning the nickname as “The People’s Marathon.”  The MCM is the fourth largest marathon in the United States and the eighth largest in the world.  The 35th anniversary Marine Corps Marathon will be held on October 31, in Arlington, VA.  No Federal or Marine Corps endorsement of RainedOut is implied.


National Soccer Coaches Association of America - www.nscaa.com

Based in Kansas City, Kan., the NSCAA is the largest soccer coaches' organization in the world. Since its founding in 1941, it has grown to include more than 30,000 members who coach both genders at all levels of the sport. In addition to a national rankings program for colleges and high schools, NSCAA offers an extensive recognition program that presents nearly 10,000 individual awards every year. It fulfills its mission of coaching education through a nationwide program of clinics and week-long courses, teaching more than 6,000 soccer coaches each year.


Say Soccer - www.saysoccer.org

The Soccer Association for Youth, USA (SAY Soccer) was founded in 1967 in Cincinnati, Ohio where it remains nationally based today. SAY provides a wide array of services and support to our members including but not limited to insurance, coaching and referee support, legal and administrative support, US Soccer Affiliation, publications for all members, Online Store, and an opportunity for children to experience the game of soccer in fun safe environment. SAY Soccer is "The" Leader in Recreational Soccer Support.




Skillzys - www.skillzys.com

Think of Skillzys® as Boy or Girl Scout merit badges, but for sports.  With a similar size and feel of a typical credit card, Skillzys® are award-winning, high-quality, fully-customizable bag tags depicting individual sports techniques, basic tactical ideas, or positive character traits.  Young athletes earn Skillzys® by successfully executing a specific technique or tactic or by demonstrating a particular trait under the real-time pressures of match competition.

LacerUp - www.lacerup.com

LacerUp™ is a site dedicated to youth sports with a collection of sport products and training aids. Our mission is to help in fundraising, making youth sports accessible and affordable with our unique line of training products.  Our products and fundraising allow parents, players and coaches to spend more time on what is truly and primarily important. Coaches should be teaching and mentoring kids to grow as an athlete and a person, not just worrying about the bottom line.

SponsorPark - www.sponsorpark.com

SponsorPark exists to proactively connect sponsors to sponsorship opportunities.  An innovative web-based resource with a mission of supporting people’s passions; we introduce the most mutually beneficial relationships.  By using powerful targeting abilities and supporting sophisticated and relevant proposal creation, SponsorPark generates valuable exposure with the most appropriate potential partners.